Painted Desert + Painted Hills

The Arizona desert is marked by a stunning expanse of layered striations revealing striking sunset colors intermingled with warm earth tones. Taking this as our inspiration, our style Painted Desert, captures the drama and beauty of this landscape through careful blending of color, luster and pattern.

Oregon’s Painted Hills are a breathtaking panorama of brilliant color juxtaposed against clear sky. Time and weather have revealed swathes of ochre, vermillion and madder in this otherworldly terrain. Our style Painted Hills, draws its inspiration from this undulating landscape resulting in a beautifully crafted carpet.

  • Solution dyed
  • Encore SD Ultima® Nylon
  • 9 colorways each
  • Painted Hills
    • 18oz
    • Broadloom
  • Painted Desert
    • 16oz
    • Broadloom and 24″x24″  TIle