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TileTabs are high tack adhesive tabs that connect carpet tiles together, resulting in a continual layer that gently grips existing flooring. Escape typical trappings with TileTabs for a versatile, glue-free installation solution for modular carpet goods. Just peel, place, & press!


TileTabs’® grip strips provide a low-tack, high-shear boundary layer designed specifically to stabilize the installation and prevent creep in high traffic areas. These are definitely valuable at entry points where TileTabs can now enable the use of EF Contract’s walk-off modular carpet for walk-off mats placed over hard surfaces like stone, tile and terrazzo.


What’s more, this added security opens up a world of design possibilities like assembling carpet tiles into functional area rugs. With TileTabs, you’re not locked into permanent wall-to-wall carpet solutions, but rather free to explore inspiring color and design combinations for a permanent or temporary new look.


With EF Contract’s TileTabs system less is more: less mess and less waste means a reduced environmental footprint. TileTabs eliminate the need for cumbersome materials and tools like wet adhesive spreads thus eliminating harmful VOCs from the installation process.


  • What makes TileTabs different?

    The grip strips on TileTabs provide stabilization through a low-tack, high shear boundary layer to assist the installation and prevent creep in high traffic areas.

  • Why is this useful?

    The grip strips will be especially helpful in areas where modular carpet will be used to assemble area rugs. This will be especially valuable at entry points where EF Contract walk- off modular carpet can be used to assemble walk-off mats over existing hard surfaces like wood, tile and terrazzo.

  • How does the cost of TileTabs compare with a regular full spread adhesive?

    TileTabs are comparable with traditional adhesive.

  • How do I determine how many TileTabs I need?

    A roll of TileTabs is comparable to a bucket of traditional adhesive. One roll of TileTabs covers approximately 120 square yards of carpet. Ashlar and Brick installations generally require 35% more TileTabs than Monolithic and Quarter Turn installations.

  • What is the minimum order?

    TileTabs are sold by the roll and cannot be broken into smaller increments.

  • How do I order TileTabs?

    TileTabs may be ordered or specified only with any Nexus modular product.

  • Can TileTabs be used more than once?

    No. TileTabs are only intended for one-time use.

  • What floor prep is required prior to installing EF Contract modular carpet using the TileTabs system?

    The floor prep requirements are the same as when installing EF Contract modular carpet using an adhesive.