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Carpet Reclamation

At EF Contract, we also offer our customers the opportunity to use our Carpet Reclamation Program. With this program we facilitate the reclamation of used carpet and guarantee that it will not reach a landfill.

Carpet reclamation is continuing to grow as more and more people realize the importance of diverting this valuable material from landfill for use in new products. Since 2009, we have facilitated the reclamation of over 5.6 million lbs of post-consumer carpet diverted from landfill.

Beginning your carpet reclamation is easy.

Step 1: Contact us at or download this form.
Step 2: Get a quote within 48-72 hours.
Step 3: Recycle your carpet. We’ll facilitate the containers and shipping and provide you with a detailed certificate of recycling.

To learn more about carpet reclamation, visit