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At EF Contract our job is to make you feel secure in your flooring investment. This is why we offer product enhancements to help to resist soiling, increase cleanability and protect your health – allowing you to performance-match the needs of each individual space. All carpet and Kinetex technolgies are guaranteed to remain in-place through regular maintenance cleanings including hot water extraction.

ProTex Soil Release

ProTex is a proprietary technology that is applied and bonded to the fiber on all carpet and Kinetex flooring products to impede soiling and to improve cleanability. With ProTex, small soil particles, which would typically cause flooring to appear dull, are effectively removed by vacuuming or wet cleaning. The key to ProTex’s effectiveness is in its application. It is applied uniformly onto the flooring’s face fibers and then it is exposed to high levels of heat during finishing to maximize bonding of ProTex to the nylon. Under normal conditions, ProTex can remain effective for many years, enhancing the cleanliness and appearance retention of your flooring.

ProSept Antimicrobial

ProSept is a unique, broad-spectrum technology applied to the carpet to protect the carpet from both bacterial and fungal growth. Clean carpet does not support the growth of microorganisms; however, simple food and beverage spills or other contaminants often lead to unwelcomed bacterial or fungal growth.

ProSept® Flyer

Sentir Advanced Odor-Blocking Technology

Sentir is a breakthrough odor-blocking technology for EF Contract broadloom and modular commercial carpet. This self-renewing treatment is designed to control or eliminate offensive odors associated with indoor environments and is particularly effective on odor-bearing spills.

Sentir® Flyer

+ Sentir is a technology designed specifically to get to the root of the odor and neutralize it
+ Sentir is not merely a deodorant that masks odors
+ Sentir’s binding properties lock into the carpet to provide resistance against hard cleaning and heavy trafficking,
+ May be added to any Carpet product.