Layers of the city.

Driven by the people who call it home and visitors alike, the city never sleeps— its layers, new and old, molded by the institutions, the artists, and the innovators. We’re charmed by the city’s grit, that on second glance is beauty.

It’s the taste of a craft brew, the song of a guitar that echoes from a local stage, the peeling posters lining the walls of an alleyway. This is what inspired us to step back and realize how it’s the collective people inhabiting each city, adding these elements day by day, that slowly build a city’s unique texture, layer upon layer.

Meet Palimpsest, Brewhouse, Strum & Maple, Craft, and Next+Switch.

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Modular Carpet

Beauty beneath the surface, a reflection of culture over time. A pattern built on letters and symbols, scratched and etched away—each mark revealing an urban patina, the diverse and complex layers of the city—its energy and charm unveiled across the floor.

Modular Carpet

Four become one as barley, water, hops, and yeast transform to shape not just fine craft brew, but the surrounding culture, lives, and place that help create it. Just as a local draft can define a neighborhood, in Brewhouse, inspired design brings charm and distinction to any place.

Strum & Maple
Modular Carpet

Vibrant notes and rhythm resonate from a city’s center. A guitar solo on a local stage. A new band’s first living room performance. Inspired by these moments, the patterns and textures of Strum & Maple echo across the floor.

Modular Carpet

Artisans and makers inspire a community, just as that community inspires their process and drives them to create. In Craft, we rely on WeaveTexTM, our proprietary technical tufting process inspired by European textile design, to create a pattern that exhibits its form, function, and beauty across the floor.

Next + Switch

The next generation of LVT, this innovative collection transcends the traditional to unleash inspired and contemporary splendor. Patterns that resonate with their surroundings, Next + Switch provide a fresh take on flooring design.

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