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EF Contract, located in Dalton, Georgia, remains committed to respecting people in all that we do and are committed to conducting our business activities in an ethical and responsible manner. With that foundation in mind, we share the State of California’s concern for the continued existence of forced labor, human trafficking, and slavery in the global economy. As a manufacturer subject to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (the “Act”), we affirm our opposition to human trafficking and slavery and post the required disclosures contemplated by the Act here.

100% of our manufacturing processes are performed in the State of Georgia, U.S.A. Accordingly, we are subject to and in compliance with the Laws of the United States and the State of Georgia with respect to labor practices and working conditions. Our raw materials are primarily sourced from the petrochemical sector from large organizations who, like us, are subject to the disclosures contemplated by the Act. In fact, we have incorporated a review of our covered suppliers’ disclosures into our sourcing practices. We will not do business with individuals or organizations who participate in forced labor, human trafficking, or slavery. Any credible report or evidence that any of our vendors, suppliers, or business partners has engaged in such practices will result investigation, audit, and/or severance of the business relationship.

We are committed to the following:

– We will evaluate our product supply chains to assess and address risks of human trafficking and slavery based on geopolitical and industry sector risk factors. We will evaluate independent data (e.g. transparency disclosures) of our suppliers and prospective suppliers.

– In the event that risk of noncompliance is found or a credible threat of noncompliance is received, we will investigate and/or audit our supplier(s) to ensure compliance with our standards and applicable law.

-We require direct suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and will require an express certification that the materials they provide to EF Contract were obtained and produced in a manner consistent with applicable labor laws in the event we have identified a meaningful risk of noncompliance. The requirement to comply with applicable laws is included in our process for becoming an approved vendor.

-We remain committed to treating our internal associates and contractors with dignity and respect. Compliance with applicable labor laws serve as a floor and not a ceiling. Our manufacturing and administrative functions will remain free from forced labor, human trafficking, and slavery. We will conduct our business in compliance with the applicable laws of the various jurisdictions in which we do business.

– We are committed to providing training and educational opportunities to all of our associates who have direct responsibility for supply chain management concerning the issue of forced labor, human trafficking, and slavery with an emphasis on identifying and mitigating risks within our supply chains.